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TYVASO is approved for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension associated with interstitial lung disease (PH-ILD; WHO Group 3) to improve the ability to exercise.

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TYVASO goes where your day takes you

The TYVASO Inhalation System is a lightweight, handheld, portable nebulizer. It allows you to inhale TYVASO medicine through your mouth directly into your lungs by breathing normally without extra effort. The TYVASO device comes with its own carrying case so you can take it with you. Your device should always be stored upright in the carrying case between treatment sessions.

Learn more about how to take TYVASO.
TYVASO device and carrying caseTYVASO device and carrying case

Getting Started on TYVASO

TYVASO is delivered through a portable inhalation system.

Download the Inhalation System Quick Tips Guide for helpful tips on setting up, operating, transporting, and cleaning your device.

Download the full Instructions for Use manual for the complete, detailed instructions on operating your device.

TYVASO fits into your routine.