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Getting Started With TYVASO

Getting Started

Support is in place to help you throughout your treatment journey with TYVASO—including a Virtual Patient Educator through the Archways program.

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Your doctor will send a referral for your TYVASO prescription to a Specialty Pharmacy (SP). Your SP provider is part of your healthcare team and focuses on providing you with in-home training and 24-hour support.

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Answer the call!

When they first reach out to you, the SP provider may call you from an 866 or 877 number that you may not recognize. It’s important to answer the call because they may not be able to leave a message for you due to privacy rules. Since they cannot get the medicine to you unless they speak to you, be sure to answer the call to get started and to stay on treatment.



Your SP provider will process your referral and contact your insurance company to determine and verify coverage for you.



Your SP provider will contact you to review your coverage and benefits, and if you don’t have insurance, they can help you explore other financial options. Once your referral is approved, they will work with you to coordinate delivery of TYVASO.



Your SP nurse will contact you to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment at your home to teach you how to use TYVASO. Your TYVASO supplies will be delivered a couple of days before your appointment.



Your SP nurse can arrange follow-up visits to support you as you get used to taking TYVASO. Every 4 weeks, you’ll receive a refill shipment of supplies.

TYVASO DPI and the TYVASO nebulizer are available only through the following Specialty Pharmacy providers:

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy




Support while you begin treatment with TYVASO

Managing Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) and getting started on treatment with TYVASO (inhaled treprostinil) can leave you with questions. The United Therapeutics’ Archways program is here to help.

The United Therapeutics’ Archways program is a virtual, educational support program that offers helpful disease information and resources for treatment. Archways is available at no cost to patients and caregivers as you begin your treatment journey with TYVASO.

Connect one-on-one with an Archways Virtual Patient Educator to learn more about your condition and what to expect with your treatment.

To get started, follow one of these three simple steps:

United Therapeutics and the Archways program do not provide medical advice. You are advised to consult with your healthcare provider with any specific questions or concerns about your treatment.

TYVASO Nebulizer Treatment Tracker

Your personal diary for keeping track of your treatment sessions. See how TYVASO fits into your daily life.

Join the TYVASO Support Program

If you are considering or are already taking TYVASO, sign up for the TYVASO Support Program to receive helpful tips and resources.