PAH Risk Assessment

Make low‑risk status a goal for your patients

According to the ESC/ERS guidelines, when treating PAH, the goal should be for patients to achieve low‑risk status1

The following assessments are low-risk thresholds from ESC/ERS guidelines and can help predict long‑term treatment outcomes.*

Six minute walk distanceSix minute walk distance


Goal for 6MWD to achieve low risk is >440 m1,2

WHO functional class for PAHWHO functional class for PAH


2015 ESC/ERS guidelines recommend targeting FC I/II as a treatment goal3†

Nt-pro bnp testNt-pro bnp test

NT-proBNP or BNP

Goal for NT-proBNP and BNP (to achieve low risk) is <300 ng/L and <50 ng/L, respectively1

Right atrial pressureRight atrial pressure


Goal for RAP to achieve low risk is <8 mm Hg1,4*

In COMPERA and French PAH registries, 6MWD was the most predictive parameter for long‑term outcomes of low‑risk status4,5‡

*REVEAL and European registries.

In this study, a cohort of 109 patients with IPAH who had undergone hemodynamic, functional, and biochemical assessments at baseline and 3 to 12 months after initiation of PAH-targeted therapy were followed for a median of 38 months to determine predictors of mortality at baseline and during the course of their disease.

COMPERA analyzed overall survival up to 5 years. The French PAH registry assessed transplant-free survival up to 5 years over a median follow-up of 34 months.

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