Tyvaso Inhalation System

Direct-to-the-lungs Delivery

TYVASO is delivered noninvasively, directly to the lungs.1 Ultrasonic nebulizers deliver treprostinil directly to distal airspaces that are in close proximity to pulmonary arterioles affected in PAH.2

The TYVASO Inhalation System uses uniform particle size (mean 2.0 μm) for treprostinil delivery.2-4

TD-300–Redesigned with Your Patients In Mind

User-friendly enhancements facilitate proper administration


Allows patients to “program” number of breaths prescribed, then “run” their treatment administration


Offers all-day cordless use after an 8-hour overnight charging via wall-plug

Tyvaso Inhalation System


Making it easy for your patients to hold during their treatment session


Provides informative prompts to help patients administer their medication

Help Patients get Started with the TD‑300 Inhalation System

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Additional Helpful Resources

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TD-300 brochureTD-300 brochure

TD-300 Instructions for use Manual

For complete, step-by-step instructions on proper assembly, use, and care of the TD-300 TYVASO Inhalation System, patients should refer to the TD-300 Instructions for Use Manual.

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For information about the TD-100 TYVASO Inhalation System, patients should refer to the TD-100 Instructions for Use Manual.

For additional information about TYVASO, visit www.tyvaso.com or call
1-877-UNITHER (1-877-864-8437).